Wars in the void - first NFT game with multiplayer


Are you tired of games in which cooldown limits your income? If so, we have great news for you. Very soon we will release the first of its kind game in which you will be able to fight with other players, your income will depend directly on your gaming skills and not on the cooldown of your game items. You will be able to mine game resources at any time without waiting.

- About Us

Wars in the void is a 2D game in which you are a pilot of a controlled black hole and fight for resources with other pilots.

What awaits you in the game

Control of the game

Control the game using the keyboard and mouse.We have made quite a dynamic game, so you will need to have a good reaction to win our game.

Battle Royale

You must be the last survivor of the battle to be victorious.If you manage to defeat all the players you will get a big reward.

Mission mode

Kill the "SpaceKraken" and trade kills for spaceships.


08.10.21 - 25.10.21

30 Black Hole Fuel for each user.

If you have registered in our project before 25.10.21, you will receive 30 Black Hole Fuel to your account in our project.

08.10.21 - 25.10.21

Black Hole Fuel Generator (T1) for 40 referrals.

Every user who attracts 40 users to our project will receive a Black Hole Fuel Generator (T1) after the end of the competition.



Passed the whitelist on atomichub.

Our project has finally been whitelisted on atomichub. Unfortunately this process took much longer than planned.

15.10.21 - 20.10.21

Distribution of tokens "Ticket".

Free giveaways of our tokens. We publishing links to token giveaways on our social networks.


Sale of tokens "Barrel of fuel for black holes".

We plan to hold one sale of our tokens before the release of the game. All further sales will take place after the release of the game.



The game will be available to everyone.At the time of release, we plan to launch 10-20 game servers.


Black Hole Fuel Generator will start generating "Black Hole Fuel".

Each holder of the Black Hole Fuel Generator token (T1-T3) will receive a "Barrel of fuel for black holes" or "Black Hole Fuel" daily. We will tell you more about the operation of tokens in our social networks on 26.10.21.

10.11.21 - 17.11.21

Adding a skin system.

The game will have the opportunity to customize your character.You will be able to exchange "Tickets" for game skins of different rarity. We plan to release a lot of different skins, the circulation of each of which will be from 1 to 30 pieces.

20.11.21 - 11.12.21

Adding new game modes

One or more new game modes will appear in the game.